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Coming Home

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  • Indigenous people
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Elders at indigenous tribes in Pingtung recalled the flowing river of river valley of Dawu Mountain and created a sense of urgency for middle-aged generation of indigenous people of the culture at stake.

After the Typhoon Morakot ravaged their homeland, tjamautjung vikiyan and his niece kaljalju.tjaruzaljum decided to return to the uninhabited Dashe Tribe in Sandimen. They home school children to teach them the way of traditional life in the tribe. On the other hand, in Meiyuan Tribe of Jiama Township, Senedhe led other teachers to teach children tribal language and other life wisdoms of the ancestors, with things they get in the nature. Also, Debulanen and Yang Jiang-ying of the Piyuma Tribe of Taiwu Township, who were teaching tribal education to children, found it difficult to realize their ideal because the daycare center failed to have resources to fit the bureaucratic system. Because they understand the importance of their original culture, these middle-aged generations formed a “Tribal Daycare Alliance” to advocate policies from within the system and mobilize other educational resources.

Through mutual assistance, they consolidate grassroots strength and keep the seeds of tribal culture growing. The film “Coming Home” is more than documenting the efforts of these individuals as they strive to preserve their children. But also from the educational point of view, they remind us of the importance of passing on cultural legacy. Director Huang tries to discuss the issue with reasons and capture the deep emotions that tribal young attach to their homeland and the journey of growing young generations. Just like her usual fashion, each scene reminds us to treasure the nutrient provided by Taiwan and pass on this love of Taiwan to future generations.

Director Statement

When filming this documentary film, we are deeply impressed with the emotion that these middle-aged indigenous people showed. They were bonded by the culture and the sense of urgency of passing on their culture. Contrast to the deep understanding that these indigenous individuals have shown, most Taiwanese people are not ware of the crisis of the culture at stake and they are even indifferent. We hope through screenings of the film “Coming Home”, sharing and discussion, People from different cultural backgrounds can see the journey of these individuals, who try to safeguard their children through education. Hopefully, through the viewing experience, audience can have a sense of reflection, look at one’s own culture and develop their own observation and opinion


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