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57 min
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  • Traditional Chinese
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Hanzi is a documentary exploring international design, visual culture, and identity through the lens of modern Chinese typography. The film covers a variety of topics such as how languages shape identity, and what role handwriting plays in the digital age. Collaborating with filmmakers from many countries, Hanzi includes interview clips with Chineasy’s founder HSUEH Shao-lan, renowned font designer Akira Kobayashi from Japan, veteran Chinese font designer Sammy OR, and the last type foundry for traditional Chinese letterpress in the world, Ri-Xing Type Foundry. Focusing on Chinese typography with universally applicable insights, Hanzi encourages its audiences to revisit and rediscover their own culture, language, and identity.


2017 Singapore A Design Film Festival - Opening film
2017 Urban Nomad Film Festival - Closing film & Big Nomad Award
2017 USA Providence International Design Film Festival


  • Director
  • Production Manager
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