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Spring: The Story of Hsu Chin-Yu

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  • Taiwan
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80 min
  • 16mm
  • Portrait
  • Politics
  • History


During the 1950s White Terror period in Taiwan, many patriotic young people were arrested because the authorities regarded them as communist bandits, communists, and traitors of the nation. They were put in jail and some were executed and the victims were over 10,000. Hsu Chin-yu was one of them. She was an adopted daughter of an ordinary family and she started work from 14-year-old. When she was 24, she entered Taipei Post Office. Joining the study group meetings enlightened her, and afterwards she joined the labor movement. This gives her 15 years in prison and changes her life.

Hsu Chin-yu is 80 now. She wants to tell her story and let the people know the suffering of the victims of White Terror. We could see the persistence and energy of Taiwan women on her She has multi-roles in her life, an adopted daughter, a worker, a political dissident, a wife, an owner of egg shop, and she did her best on all the roles. She sticks on her ideal, learns diligently. Her rich and energetic life witness the vicissitude of Taiwan history in the past century.

Copyright © TSENG Wen-Chen. All Rights Reserved.

Director Statement

Why did I make a film of Hsu Chin-Yu? I guess I was attracted by her character. She has a style of merging various cultures, with her perfect mandarin pronunciation, Japanese style clothing, but she also has progressive communist thinking of “labor,” “learning,” “class struggle.” She is the combination of these and has always attracts me.

I have followed Hsu for recording her life for over one year. During these days, I am deeply moved by her spirits of learning. One example is that towards the end of our shooting, she can tell the different cameras I used, I have totally used six types of 16 mm cameras.

During the shooting, she always took care of the crew, she would prepare drinks and food. Whenever we shot in her place, she has always prepared fruits beforehand and waited for us.

Sometimes I am wondering what suffering can make the human nature radiate. I think I found my answer on Hsu Chin-Yu.

Copyright © TSENG Wen-Chen. All Rights Reserved.


2002 Golden Harvest Awards - Best Documentary Video
2002 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Grand Prize for Taiwan Award
2002 Golden Horse Awards - Best Documentary
2002 Women Make Waves Film Festival
2002 Taiwan International Documentary Festival
2003 Pure 16 a Film Carnival
2003 Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)
2003 Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) - Humanitarian Awards for Documentaries
2003 Fribourg International Film Festival
2006 Women Make Waves Film Festival
2007 OK Center for Contemporary Art - Taiwan Crossover


  • Director
  • Film Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Editor
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