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Hard Good Life II

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  • Taiwan
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Running Time :
75 min
  • Family
  • Medicine
  • Generation
  • Youth
  • Senior


Hard Good Life II is a work that comes from the heart. Since the director learned how to hold a camera, she had gazed at her father through the lens all the time.This film is a memory of her father. After her father got cancer, they went through all kinds of treatment together, including loss or gain, hope or sorrow. This unbreakable connection supported them to the very last moment and never faded away.

Director Statement

" My mother died of cancer when I was a child. Every time my father went to work, I stayed home alone. As it was getting dark, I hid myself in bed, making sure my hands and legs were inside the sheets, in case devil will come to take me away. I'd hold my breath until my father came back so that I wouldn't be afraid. And it dawned on me that what am I supposed to do if someday, daddy never comes back? " - Hsu Hui-Ju

Copyright © HSU Hui-ju. All Rights Reserved.


2008 Nanying Awards - Grand Prize for Documentary Film
2008 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Jury Special Prize for Taiwan Award
2009 Visions du Réel
2009 The Tel-Aviv International Documentary Film Festival (Docaviv)
2009 Women Make Waves Film Festival - Audience's Choice Award
2009 SEOUL International Women's Film Festival


  • Director
  • Editor
  • Film Producer
  • Cinematographer
  • Production
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