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Hard Good Life Ⅰ

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  • Taiwan
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43 min
  • Family
  • Generation
  • Youth
  • Senior


A quiet daily life of a father recorded by his daughter, filled with ordinary moments of extraordinary emotional power and deep resonance in our relationships with parents. With less than ten sentences of dialogue, the truthful intensity of the images and detailed revelations clearly communicate to the heart. This highly personal film may seem simple, but the carefully controlled use of cinema language is beautiful, profound, and moving.

Director Statement

Hard Good Life is a document of the almost wordless relationship between my father and me. Though there is hardly any dialogue throughout the whole film and it seems that there’s no communication between our lives, the editing process connected us to one another, and something like tolerance and harmony forms, although we are by nature not so close. The situation of each life emerges—lonely, but at the same time dependent on the other.

This film is trying to depict a kind of lifescape. Through the boring and repetitive but indispensable elements of the daily routine, after first accumulating the warmth and energy of life and eliminating trivial matters, it tries to see the pure relationship between one person and another, and between people and their surroundings.

In a truthful life, acting from one depressing and lonely day to another may not look like anything meaningful, but that is everything about life. Even if it’s not tasty, a meal which you cannot distinguish as meat, vegetables, noodles, or whatever, will at least fill you up for sure.

I suppose that is what it means to live.

Source: YIDFF


2003 Doc Buenos Aires - International Documentary Film Festival
2003 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival - Award of Excellence for New Asian Currents Awards


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  • Editor
  • Producer
  • Cinematographer
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  • Production
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