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Arc Light Films

Arc Light Films


Established in 1966, Arc Light Films aims to unite talents of Taiwan, China and Hong Kong with a creative vision that spans across continents and oceans. Arc Light Films has collaborated with international partners such as France’s Haut et Cour, ARTE, AMIP and Pyramide, Asia’s Crystal Clear, Emperor Entertainment Group, Golden Harvest and Polybona, and Germany’s Twenty Twenty Vision. Arc Light has produced innovative films to represent Asian cinema on the international stage, including two Silver Bear Award winners Beijing Bicycle (Grand Jury) and Betelnut Beauty (Best Director), Cannes Film Festival invitees The Hole, Blue Gate Crossing, Drifters and HHH: A Portrait of Hou Hsiao-Hsien. Other prominent works include Love You Ten Thousand Years, Like a Dream and Homesick Eyes. Directors that Arc Light has worked with include WANG Xiao-Shuai, TSAI Ming-Liang, YEE Chih-Yen, Stanley KWAN, Ann HUI and Oliver Assayas. Arc Light is known for having nurtured newcomer actors, such as CHEN Bo-Lin, GUI Lun-Mei, LI Xin-Jie and GAO Yuan-Yuan. Arc Light has made 11 feature length films 4 documentaries and two television series. They are currently producing several co-production films with China.

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