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LIAO Jian-hua‘s The Last Insurrection: Let the Forgotten Social Movement Participants Be Seen
LI Nien-hsiu‘s HEBEI TAIPEI : On the Homecoming Journey Never Taken by A Mainlander Veteran
SU Hung-en’s The Mountain: Grandfather’s Forest, Ancestors’ Spirit
LEE Pei-yu’s Still Life: Revealing Wounds the Family Wouldn’t Touch
Adiong LU’s Once Upon a Time When Robin Hood Grew Old: Looking for WU Le-tien, the Legendary Storyteller of A Generation
The 10th Taiwan International Documentary Festival Award Winners Announced
DOC+ Documentary Workshop: An Introduction to International Co-Productions
Jade Miners: Live to Confront Poverty and Hardship
On Site–Multitute : Chen Chieh-jen on “Realm of Reverberations"
Along with LAU Kek-huat’s Absent without Leave to witness 2015 Asian Network of Documentary Program


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