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Green Team

Green Team


Green Team (1986-1990) is regarded the most important non-mainstream media in the period prior to and after the lifting of martial law in Taiwan. With early electronic video camera, its members documented the waves of social movements, including political, environmental, farmer, labour, indigenous and Chinese mainlander veteran movements during the period. Through their lens and physical involvements, they captured the truth of these events, broke through the news blackout by mainstream media, and inspired younger generations with their legacy of three thousand hours of rare historical footage. Simultaneously facing political interference and repression, Green Team made documentary films in the easiest and quickest way and sent out VHS tapes to be screened and sold at venues of social movements or election rallies. They even set up their own TV station in their later years, broadcasting the truth to people blinded by mainstream media.


Photo Credit: TSAI Ming-de

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