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80 min


During the 88 flooding disaster, Taiwan received a donation from its ally in the Southern Pacific, a nation called Tuvalu. This defenseless nation of 26 square kilometers will be the first island nation to be submerged by the oceans once the sea level rises due to global warming.

The director HUANG Hsin-yao left his hometown, Taiwan in search of this disappearing island called Tuvalu. While aboard this swaying ship in the Pacific, various fantastic spectacles of Taiwan emerge in the mind of the director. Once out at sea barbecuing, he found under the sea…

Director Statement

If we are to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions, then why is the government subsidizing the purchase of energy efficient air conditioners, and not subsidizing citizens who don’t use air conditioners? Once conservation and reduction of greenhouse gases emissions become a slogan, the world over will make rescuing Tuvalu a goal. As if the planet will be saved if only Tuvalu is saved from submersion. I guess it is easier for people to face other people’s problems than their own. I think if we don’t face our problems squarely, Taiwan will be submerged before Tuvalu. It doesn’t matter either way, the world is about to explode!


2012 Taiwan International Documentary Festival-International Competition: Feature Length

2012 Beijing Independent Film Festival

2011 Taipei Film Festival - Best Documentary Film, Grand Prize 

2011 Kaohsiung Film Festival

2011 San Francisco Film Society Taiwan Film Days

2011 Hangzhou Asian Film Festival

2011 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival

2010 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival – Panorama: After Typhoon Morakot

2010 South Taiwan Film Festival


  • Executive Producer
  • Director
  • Cinematographer
  • 製片(台灣)
  • Editor
  • Narrator
  • Sound Mixer
  • Sound Mixer
  • 劇照(吐瓦魯)
  • Executive Producer
  • Sound Recorder
  • 製片(吐瓦魯與斐濟)
  • 製片(吐瓦魯與斐濟)
  • 影片顧問
  • 吟唱
  • Animation
  • Colourist
  • English Translation
  • English Translation
  • 劇照(台灣)
  • Production
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