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Iâm-tiâⁿ khu-tiúⁿ (The Chief of Yancheng District)

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  • Taiwan
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51 min
  • Portrait
  • Politics
  • Music



The needle comes down on the record,

Heaven sends down lightning,

and the old drinkers who never turned down a battle back in the day have returned.


Scenes from the city at night, streets lined with taverns and brothels, well-dressed men and women lingering in the land of wine, are all liberated by a song ⋯ A song with a unique melody illustrated the glorious Yancheng District of the 1960s. This was the niuma-tune styled song ‘The Chief of Yancheng District’. The song also brought out the personality and character of Kaohsiung’s famous politician and Yancheng District Chief, Kuo Wan-zhi.

Director Statement

From a unique historical perspective, Kaohsiung’s Yancheng District was the epitome of Taiwan’s ‘Golden Period’ in the 60s and 70s. It was synonymous with everything fashionable, the cultural peak of where 'old meets new' and it was the playground for the people of that generation. The song ‘The Chief of Yancheng District’ was the background music of that era. It was a song in a relay-structure that was created by the people and became a nightlife classic.

In order to reinterpret and recreate that glorious era in present-day 2018, we decided to emulate the song’s relay-structure. Instead of the usual historical and academic approach, we attempted to construct the documentary through mise-en-scene, suggestive topics, the public’s recollection (and imagination), set reconstruction, reusing old contemporary songs and with a focus on personal memories. 



2018 Kaohsiung Film Festival - Landscape of Kaohsiung


  • Director
  • Producer
  • Production
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