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The Price of Democracy

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  • Taiwan
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Running Time :
91 min
  • DCP
  • Politics
  • Democratic Transformation
  • Social-political Movement
  • Civil Resistance


The director LIAO, a confused twenty something looks back upon the 40-year-history of democratization in Taiwan through the life experiences of two old-timers, who are grass-root rebels. He attempts to discover what causes their actions and decisions to be political activists, and what are their limitations and sacrifice.

The two protagonists are TSENG, a female novelist, who got divorced because of her political idealism in the era of White Terror; and KANG, a canvasser who is known as a “Microphone Man”. KANG was an energetic young person on the streets during the 80’ but  now living in hardship. On the other hand, TSENG needs to tackle her emotional trauma during her resistances experiences of old days.

LIAO's confusion appears, which connects different sections dealing with the past and present, presenting the interaction and mutual gazes between the director and the interviewees. The director gradually realizes that the real battlefield for everyone  is life itself.



Director Statement

During the filming process of my previous documentary “The Last Insurrection,” I came into contact with the grassroots activists. They dared to confront the special police in the front line in the past, but many are now living in hardship. Therefore, I decide to discover more about those “real faces/ life” of every individual among the resistance rally to provide the different expressions of democratization, which in Taiwan was usually interpreted by elites. During filming, I come to know that when ordinary people think they have ideals or dreams to be realized, they also need to cope with the defeats, frustrations and regrets in everyday life. But the ordinary people full of defects, who fought for a better society, are true heroes too.


  • Director
  • Producer
  • DCP
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