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Ballet in Tandem

Director :
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Running Time :
100 min
  • Education
  • Youth
  • Ballet


Due to his injury, 30-year-old ballet dancer LIANG Shih-huai is forced to put his dance career on hold. While nursing his body through recovery, Shih-huai retraces his tenacious pursuit of ballet from Taiwan, U.S., South Korea, to New Zealand, and he carefully thinks through the options available at this pivotal moment in his career.
Ballet in Tandem centers on Shih-huai’s journey in dance and compares it with different generations of Taiwanese dancers’ quest for perfection in Western classical dance. Through these stories, this films questions the decision-making process in Taiwanese education system and in other related social institutions, challenges the stereotypical perceptions of the art form, and explores more possibilities for dance, art, and culture in Taiwan.


  • Director
  • Film Producer
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