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See You! Madrid

Director :
Year :
Running Time :
90 min
  • Dream
  • Education
  • Family


To learn Flamenco in Spain was once HO Lian-hua’s biggest dream; nevertheless she gave up and returned to Taiwan for her child. As a single mother, HO has to feed not only her dance studio but her family. Despite the financial pressure and disease Rheumatoid arthritis, she never gives up dancing. Instead, she turns her sufferings and heartbroken memories into a great source of inspiration. As her parents did, HO offers full support for her children who also dream about dancing abroad. The film shows how HO swings with love and thumps with struggle, and infuses her heart and soul into Flamenco. As a Taiwanese, she uses her own way to interpret the dance of wanderers.


  • Director
  • Film Producer
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