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Portrait of Hou Hsiao-hsien

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Attracting international attention, Hou Hsiao-Hsien has become a world-famous director. Public TV and French AMIP Company co-produce the Documentary, directed by the brilliant, potential French director, Oliveier Assayas. Offering an international perspective, the film explores the source and energy of Hou’s cinematic art. In the film, Assayas tracts Hou’s film-making development by visiting Kaohsiung, Fongshan, Ponhoo, Giofen, to Kin-qua-shi. Hou’s confident demeanor is captured and his thinking on life, the country and cinematic creativity is presented. Also Wu Nienjen, Chu Tienwen, Chen Kaofu, Kin Chian, and Gao Jeh come to talk about their working experiences and relations with Hou.


source: Taiwan International Documentary Festival

Director Statement

"I had been in Hong Kong with Charles Tesson and we were preparing a special issue of Les Cahier du cinema. It was at the invitation of Chen Kou-Fu, that I went to Taipei. He invited some friends to dinner and I made the acquaintance of Edwarrd Yang, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, and Christopher Doyle, an Australian Cinematographer who had just worked on Edward’s first film, and who would go on to bring the vrucial spark to the style of Wong Kar-Wai, doing the lighting and camera work on all his films.

I must say that following the evolution of his work, year after year, film after film, has given me some of the greatest pleasure I have known as a spectator, mixed with the satisfaction of watching his international recognition develop, establishing him as one of the most important filmmakers of his time. Especially since he won the Golden Lion at Venice for his masterpiece The City of Sadness. Now, very recently, I was once again impressed by the curve he has taken in his last two films Good Men, Good Women, and Goodbye South, Goodbye, toward and abstraction-that is to day, toward an invisible truth in things-as tuned in to his films, as directly to the heart as Antonioni could be in the beginning of the sixties." -- Oliveier Assayas


source: Taiwan International Documentary Festival



1998 Taiwna International Documentary Festival - International Competition - Film Section
1998 Taiwna International Documentary Festival


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