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Girls who fell in love with Math

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  • 台灣
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75 min
  • Gender
  • Science
  • mathematics
  • Alice Zhang
  • Fan Chung Graham


The film is about two girls, Alice Zhang & Fan Chung Graham, who grew up together in the 60s of Taiwan, the story of their dream in pursuing math. It depicts how they face the ideal and dilemma of their life and the key to their success. The film also stated that gender should not be the restriction of studying math, but that women's unique delicate and quiet qualities may surely the advantage of studying math.

Director Statement

Weitsy Wang Having stepped into the field of science and gender, I found that there were so many outstanding Taiwanese female stories needed to be recorded in order to preserve their beautiful and energetic life growing process. They have the courage to pursue their own ideals, not only in the professional field of excellence, but also taking into account of their family, the development of life interest, caring for students and the surrounding people. I am fortunate enough to meet these masters, for me they seem to be at the peak, but also like a neighbor mother, full of wisdom but with a flexible sweet. Thanks to the past two years of learning, I realized that though we must pursuit the extraordinary, should always be the ordinary people. Yng-Jaw Jiing Shooting this film, I see the feminine character is an indispensable element of human spiritual civilization. Learning mathematics, or engaged in any professional, we need not care too much about the gender and external conditions, hard work and tolerance, perseverance and more efforts, is the only way to success, in order to leave an indelible contribution to mankind.


2017 Women Make Waves Film Festival - Nominated for Taiwan Competition


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