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Our Life-Saving Vinegar

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  • Taiwan
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Running Time :
20 min
  • Gender
  • Society
  • Human Interest


Many people may at some point of their middle-age life need to change their careers. Perhaps, the difference lies in when and how they would do it. It could be a great opportunity for some but for others, it could be a painful choice which they have to make due to economic pressures. The subject of this film is a group of ex-licensed prostitutes living in Taipei City, Taiwan today. They belong to a sex workers support and advocacy organization, known as COSWAS – Collective of Sex Workers and Supporters. Their work as prostitutes is illegal. So under very difficult and harsh circumstances and with such little resources, how can this group of courageous women make use of their skills and knowledge to create a second chance for themselves?

Source: Taiwan Women's Film Association


2005 Women Make Waves Film Festival
2005 Women Make Waves Film Festival


  • Director
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