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Old Chicks: Bailan and her girls

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  • Taiwan
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39 min
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When a sex worker falls into a coma…

In the past, her work had consoled many lonely souls and their sexual needs. Her labor had supported her original family, and a group of stray cats in the alley. After the licensed prostitutes were banned, and before Bailan went into a coma, what had happened to her during the time? And after the illness, returning to her hillside home in Taitung, how does she feel about all the happenings?

Thanks to the company of Collective Of Sex Workers And Supporters (COSWAS) and its volunteers, the story of Bailan is not just a stamp-sized news story and does not vanish in oblivion. Their efforts have let the society witness the struggles and survivals of these ladies, after licensed prostitution becomes history.

Source: Taiwan Women's Film Association


2006 Women Make Waves Film Festival
2006 Women Make Waves Film Festival


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