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If I Have to Die 1000 Times: The Story of Taiwanese Left-Wing

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  • Taiwan
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Color & BW
Running Time :
55 min
  • Politics
  • History
  • Investigative
  • Author's Point of View


It seems quite outdated to talk about left-wingism and socialism in today's Taiwan. But through the story of Shi, we learn what classism, Marxism and White Terror had meant on the island. Aged 83 now, Shi recalls how his friends were arrested and killed by the government in 1946 simply because they had a different political belief...

Source: Taiwan Int'l Documentary Festival

Director Statement

"Lan BoZhou, the chief producer of this film always wanted to make a film about the left wing movement under White Terror. Like many of my friends, Lan has a heart for socialism though he is not in politics or the academia. At first I was worried about where I could find a storyteller or the locations should be. Finding Mr. Shi has solved my problems. The atmosphere of White Terror, be it atrocious or moving, surfaced. Shi would weep when he recollects moments in his memory even after all these years. This made me want to learn more about that tragic period in Taiwan’s history. Then there’s the poems of Pablo Neruda which inspired the creation of songs in the film." - Wang Yu-Lin

Source: Taiwan Int'l Documentary Festival


2007 Taipei Film Festival
2007 Taipei Film Festival
2008 Taiwna International Documentary Festival
2008 Taiwna International Documentary Festival

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