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Retrospect Days of White Terrors

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  • Taiwan
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Color & BW
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16 min
  • Politics
  • History
  • Investigative
  • Author's Point of View
  • Ethnology
  • Folk
  • Religion


All the discussion over the White Terrors, be it in the books or in the images, takes largely the Hans as subjective and concerns less the treatment exerted on the Taiwanese aboriginals during the period of martial law. In an era of reticence, the aboriginals also followed suit in the fear of making even the slightest mistake which would lead to liquidation or even the detriment of the whole family.
The film intends to manifest through images the stories of the aboriginals oppressed by the White Terrors in the big time, in relation to the situations of their families, wives and children. The terrors experienced by the Taiwanese aboriginals are described through the stories of Lin Ruei-Chang, Lin Chao-Ming and Kao I-Sheng.

Source: Taiwan Inte'l Ethnographic Film Festival


2007 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival
2007 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival


  • Director
  • Director
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