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Life on an(other) Island: Portrait of Four Hong Kong People

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  • Taiwan
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46 min
  • Portrait
  • Politics
  • History


Wang Wei-cheng, born in Hong Kong, came to Taiwan in 1995. He works in a restaurant. Every three month, he goes the police station to register as a migrant. He met his wife in Hong Kong and they are now separate. Wang regards Taiwan as his home, and he has no confidence in Hong Kong under the Chinese rule.

Chen Chie-sheng came to Taiwan in1948. He is a hairdresser. What impressed him most is the hospitality of the Taiwanese people. He got married here when he was thirty, but got divorced in less than one year because of his two-year military service. He has seen himself as a Taiwanese and is no longer concerned about 1997.

Chen Chu-hsiung and his family moved to Taiwan. He and his wife have jobs here. Their daughter is also active at school. But chen still feels attached to Hong Kong. He decides to return to Hong Kong if no drastic changes take place there.

Tsao Hung was a former correspondent in the United Kingdom for Asia Television Station. Married to a Taiwanese, she came and tried to have her career here. She feels very ambivalent towards Hong Kong. It is her motherland, but it makes her feel lonely and isolated.


source: Taiwan International Documentary Festival


Director Statement

"Taiwan is very close to Hong Kong, but people in these two Chinese communities hardly feel close to each other. Lack of communication makes it very difficult for the Taiwanese people know more about people in Hong Kong.

This film features Hong Kong individuals or families who came to Taiwan for various reasons. It tries to convey their feelings and experiences during their stay in Taiwan, and shows how the political changes shape people’s dreams and decisions." -- Yug-Jaw Jiing


source: Taiwan International Documentary Festival




1998 Taiwna International Documentary Festival - Asian Images
1998 Taiwna International Documentary Festival


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