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Hospital Wing 8 East

Director :
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  • Taiwan
Color :
Running Time :
49 min
  • Society
  • Human Interest


Director Statement

Many patients needing longterm care and their foreign caretakers reside in the East 8 Wing of the Jen Ai Hospital in Taipei. Within these small rooms, their stories unfold… the unexpected and the inevitable, birth, aging, sickness and death, the sorrows and hopes of those far from home…

In Room 803 are Lisa and old Mr. Ren, in Room 805 are Ah Ying and old Mr. Wei, and in the next bed Luoli and old Mr. Zhou. Lisa, Ah Ying and Luoli are all from different countries. Each has decided to leave home and come here to work for different reasons.

Every day they each feed their employers, give them their medicine, clear their breathing tubes, change their diapers, massage them…in these long days filled with homesickness, what these women give to their work is not just their labor power…


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