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Gigantic Monster Strikes Taiwan

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  • Taiwan
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51 min
  • Portrait
  • Generation
  • Youth
  • Senior
  • Art
  • Culture
  • Music


Once upon a time in a world full of pirate products, we watched monster movies and grew up. But those monsters disappeared when we finally became adults. One day, a teacher told in class that creation came from the past we neglect, that is how I started to contact a monster fan just like me.

Copyright © TANG Chen-Wei. All Rights Reserved.

Director Statement

This is a story about how Godzilla--the Japanese movie monster.--landed Taiwan, and also a memory shared by me and other monster fans. I wish to represent the monster fantasy world created by us, and the changes we had to make when we grew up. How did we see monsters? Can we see monsters again in the future? This documentary will be my answer and also the dream I finally achieved-- a monster film of my own.

Copyright © TANG Chen-Wei. All Rights Reserved.


2011 Youth Film Festival


  • Director
  • Music
  • Animation
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