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  • Taiwan
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120 min
  • Culture
  • Arts
  • Portrait


Photo credit: Chen-hsiang LIU / Copyright@Cloud Gate

This is a story of deep yearning that introduces the life of a wonderful dancer and a great friend and teacher: Lo Man-fei.

Major modern dance companies, such as Martha Graham, Pina Bausch and Hofesh Shechter, all recognize Taiwan’s standing in the dance world. In Taiwan, several young choreographers have shown the potential needed to achieve worldwide fame. These achievements are due in large part to the guidance and encouragement given by Man-fei.

Each night, Man-fei would gather family, students and friends in a party setting to talk. When she became severely ill, she said: “If that day ever comes, I won’t say goodbye to anybody. Just act as if I’m sleeping in the adjacent room.”

A decade ago, she left; a decade later, she still remains.


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