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Dao-Ning Hsu - Woman Mathmatician Fighter

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  • Taiwan
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73 min
  • Technology
  • Gender
  • mathematic
  • Education


The film is a story about Taiwan’s piineer woman mathematician, Hsu, Dao-Ning. Being the first woman doctor of mathematics in Taiwan, she dedicated her life to mathematics education. Through her meticulous memory, self-statement, and interviews of her relatives and students, the film outlined her whole life and tried to exemplified that how her unique femininity, intelligence, personality and ambition, were all devoted into the education of technology and personality in Taiwan.

Director Statement

Weitsy Wang-After entering middle age, teaching, research and service have occupied all of my valuable time. It is a great pleasure for me to begin a project of my own with the support of The Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan. I enjoyed doing the interview, writing planning, producing, and to pick up the camera, make my own films. It is also the immense grace for  me to be able to do the biography for an old surviving elderly and tell a fascinating story of a women scientist. Yng-Jaw Jiing-Filming this documentary, it is truly for us a rare and valuable experience. Ninety-two year-old teacher Hsu, with emaciated body, wrapped inside is her spirit of fortitude. Born in troubled times, however, through her excellent memory, decisive character and unique femininity, she surly embarked the great career of an ordinary teacher, yet exerted extraordinary influences through her students in the field of mathematics and personality education. She not only was the teacher of her generation, but also the teacher of our generation. By shooting and understanding her through the filming process, we witness a great mind of a figure about that era.


2015 Women Make Waves Film Festival - Special Screening


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