Realm of Reverberations

by CHEN Chieh-jen

Realm of Reverberations comprises four sections, each presenting perspectives of individuals whose lives have been touched by the Losheng Sanatorium: old residents (Tree Planters), a young woman who accompanies sanatorium residents (Keeping Company), a hospice nurse who lived in China during the Cultural Revolution (The Suspended Room), and a fictional political prisoner who travels through Taiwanese history from the Japanese colonial period to the present (Tracing Forward). They discuss what many believe to be the inevitable outcome for the Losheng Sanatorium. But is that really Losheng’s legacy? Other possibilities include serving as a starting point for multiple dialectics and other imaginings.


2016 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Taiwanese Competition


Running Time: 104 mins
Year of Completion: 2016
Language: Taiwanese , Chinese
Subtitles: English , Chinese
Director: CHEN Chieh-jen


CHEN Chieh-jen

CHEN employed extra-institutional underground exhibitions and guerrilla-style art actions to challenge Taiwan's dominant political mechanisms during a period marked by the Cold War, anti-communist propaganda and martial law. After martial law ended, CHEN ceased art activity for eight years. Returning to art in 1996, CHEN started collaborating with local residents, unemployed labourers, day workers, migrant workers, foreign spouses, unemployed youth and social activists. They occupied factories owned by capitalists, slipped into areas cordoned off by the law and utilised discarded materials to build sets for his video productions. In order to visualise contemporary reality and a people’s history that was obscured by neo-liberalism, CHEN embarked on a series of video projects in which he used strategies he calls “re-imagining, re-narrating, re-writing and re-connecting”.