After Spring, the Tamaki Family…

by HUANG Yin-yu

This is a heartwarming home movie spanning 80 years about how a family together wades through and eventually revives in the tide of the vicissitudes in East Asian history.

On a warm spring day in 2015, Grandma Tamoyo with the TAMAKI family, the largest immigrant family in Yaeyama Islands of Okinawa, had a journey going back to Taiwan - where they’d long stayed before World War II.

The people who emigrated from Taiwan to Okinawa after WWII became the political refugees under the 30-year U.S. occupation. TAMAKI family is the one who had experienced the complicated history. By revisiting Taiwan, they little by little steer out of the disorientation of their memory and identity.


2016 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival - Asian Competition


Running Time: 130/96 mins
Year of Completion: 2016
Language: Japanese , Taiwanese , Chinese
Subtitles: English
Director: HUANG Yin-yu


HUANG Yin-yu

HUANG Yin-yu’s Wuguwang N. St. to Taipei (2010) is an anthropological film about Thai labours in Taiwan. Temperature at Nights (2013) is a private film, which was selected in the international competition of Visions du Réel. In 2015, HUANG founded Moolin Films, Ltd. in Taiwan. Now he’s based in Okinawa, producing a series of documentaries about the pre-war immigrants.


YAMAGAMI Tetsujiro

YAMAGAMI Tetsujiro produced a series of documentaries of TSUCHIMOTO Noriaki since 1981 that dealt with the problems of Minamata disease; and then he founded Siglo, Ltd. in 1986, producing over 60 documentaries and 20 fiction films. He had won a lot of film awards, including Special Mention Award of Hujimoto Awards and Silver Berlin Bear.