Once Upon A Time When Robin Hood Grew Old

by Adiong LU

In Taiwan, there was once a voice that connects the north and south, hides among the common people, yet was bitterly hated by the ruling power that wished him bound and silenced. He was the song of democracy, the people's requiem, the horn of freedom.

For decades, WU Le-tian narrated the famous story of Taiwan’s very own virtuous thief – Taiwan’s Robin Hood – LIAO Tian-ding. In the era of martial law, he used fantastic stories as a cover for arousing rebellion, and a guerrilla-style strategy to disrupt the state media. With an audience of millions, WU was viewed by the common people as their very own Robin Hood!

Surviving prison, escaping the jaws of death and disappearing without a trace for a decade, rumours have unceasingly circulated about the reappearance of the legendary virtuous thief. Today, in the raging storms of social unrest and rebellion, the legend has indeed quietly reappeared. The hero is alive!


2016 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Taiwanese Competition


Running Time: 52 mins
Year of Completion: 2016
Director: Adiong LU


Adiong LU

Adiong LU was born in 1984 and currently lives in Taipei. Once a violinist in a symphony orchestra and a guitarist in a rock band, he is now an independent documentary filmmaker, a music composer and an artist participating in international art residencies.