Fight for Justice

by James SU

Having witnessed civilians being oppressed, four young Taiwanese lawyers joined forces to form a team of defense attorneys. Over the past three years, while Taiwan was undergoing a major change, these attorneys kept their focus on serving the public through the several cases they had taken on. They fought for the rights of older workers in a lawsuit between a group of displaced workers and the government. They were also involved in the efforts to subvert the military trial system as well as in the Sunflower Movement, where students occupied the legislative chamber.

These attorneys fought strongly for the weak, against the injustice in the state’s administration and legislation, as in The Rebel by Albert CAMUS. In the third global wave of democratisation when Taiwan is beginning to shine, democratic stagnation and evolutionary dictatorship seemed to come into the picture. This is the time when this team of pro bono attorneys play the role of promoting Taiwan’s democratic progression.


2017 Hong Kong Independent Film Festival


Running Time: 95 mins
Year of Completion: 2016
Director: James SU


James SU

SU received his master’s degree from the Graduate School of Applied Media Arts at National Taiwan University of Arts. He used to sojourn in Beijing.
His debut documentary feature Hip Hop Storm was awarded Best Documentary at the 2010 Golden Horse Awards, and set a record that the youngest director won this award.


Nicole T.I CHAN

CHAN has successfully played in various roles, including the director-general of Science & Technology Law Institute, Institute for Information Industry, general manager of CMPC Management Consultant Co., Ltd, producer of Seven Days in Heaven, and executive producer of Flying Dragon, Dancing Phoenix.