Cloud Nation

by HUANG Hsin-yao

Yonaguni is an island on the far western end of Japan, bordering Taiwan, the director’s land of birth. One day, the people of Yonaguni decided they wanted independence and to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan. These two islands share similar backgrounds; one being a political prey to Japan and the other to China. Both are in the peripheral vision of the world. Existence, to them, is a heavy burden.

"I came here by boat as a tourist, but rediscovered myself on this strange land. I realised that whether people, land or life, you only exist after you have been forgotten by the world", the director HUANG said.


2016 Osaka Asian Film Festival
2015 Taipei Film Festival


Running Time: 57 mins
Year of Completion: 2015
Director: HUANG Hsin-yao


HUANG Hsin-yao

HUANG is an independent filmmaker based in Taiwan. His works have been featured at international film events such as 2003 Kassel Documenta (Germany), 2004 Taipei Biennial (Taiwan), 2011 London International Documentary Film Festival (UK) and the 12th International Environmental Film and Video Festival (Brazil). His work, Taivalu, won the Grand Prize and the Best Documentary at 2011 Taipei Film Festival, and the Merit Prize at 2010 Taiwan International Documentary Festival.