by KE Chin-yuan

Ocean is an important observation and record of nearly 20 years of changes in the marine environment. This film continued to focus on actual situations of the marine environment and the way humans exploit marine resources. Ocean tries to provide a comprehensive representation of the various maritime features by documenting the creatures in the ocean, re-thinking people’s interaction with ocean, and ing the viewers to the ocean crisis.


Running Time: 59 mins
Year of Completion: 2016
Director: KE Chin-yuan


KE Chin-yuan

KE began filmmaking back in 1980 and produced a continuous record of Taiwan’s natural landscape. In 1987, he entered the print media field as a photojournalist. After entering the News Department at PTS, he worked on the environmental news program "Our Island", producing films on a range of issues, from coastal damage, forest conservation to environmental hazards. Between 2007 and 2009, he traveled to the Arctic Circle, Antarctica and Mount Everest, to record environmental issues related to climate change, and to film the current situation on glacial retreat.


YU Li-ping

After getting her master degree in marine environment, YU stepped into the world of media for the environment, educating the public through her words and videos. After working as a journalist, YU is now the producer of PTS news program Our Island. Her documentary Ferrying Across: the Tamsui River won the Best of Earth Vision of 19th Earth Vision in Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival. Hermit Crabs in Plastic House has been on short lists of several film festivals nationally and internationally.