Moment Within Time

by SHEN Ko-shang

I rarely see or speak to my own father. Old images, which have an independent, fictional time, intimately occupy my and my father’s consciousness or memories. After nearly 30 years of this frozen relationship, I look forward to using film to document this "time", which becomes a concrete and direct journey when it radiates through a world filled with real emotions.


Running Time: 20 mins
Year of Completion: 2018
Director: SHEN Ko-shang


SHEN Ko-shang

SHEN Ko-shang is a director showing his talent in feature films, documentaries, experimental films and commercial advertising. His distinguished documentary works include Silent Delta, The Pigeon Game, Baseball Boys, Fading, Children From The Distant Planet, A Rolling Stone and Ways Into Love. His works had been nominated by several festivals including Visions du Réel and Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and Taiwan International Documentary Festival.