In Trance We Gaze

by Singing CHEN

Under constant regimes of discipline and incorporation, rituals, faiths, bodies, and the position of man and god all trend towards uprootedness, where we lose our links to the land and to others. Time is dissected into ever more infinitesimal parts. Those who could not keep up now appear within the gaze of a stopped frame. Regardless of man or god, all destruction and rebirth meet at this point in search of a safe corner.


Running Time: 20 mins
Year of Completion: 2018
Director: Singing CHEN


Singing CHEN

One of most talented and promising young directors in Taiwan, CHEN is well known for her unique styles and fast paces with focuses on issues in art and culture. In 2007, God, Man, Dog, was selected in The Forum at the Berlin International Film Festival and was voted Best Film by the Der Tagesspiegel, the biggest newspaper in Germany. Furthermore, it was invited to more than 30 film festivals, including Busan International Film Festival and Fribourg Film Festival. In 2000, her first 16mm feature, Bundled, was critically acclaimed and won numerous awards at both domestic and international film festivals.