Silent Steps

by Jessica Wan-yu LIN

Ah-zhong is a non-upright walker, a theatre worker and a man of action. Walking forms the basis for his bodily training and is also one of his methods of expression. Through prolonged and repeated walks, interspersed with cigarette breaks, he enters into another world by imagining ‘Who am I?’, and with it comes the strength for living.


Running Time: 21 mins
Year of Completion: 2018
Director: Jessica Wan-yu LIN


Jessica Wan-yu LIN

Jessica Wan-yu LIN, an independent filmmaker, was born in 1984. She is now engaged in making art documentaries and video design. She often cooperates with sound art performers, choreographers, and theatre workers, including Shu-yi and dancers, Very Mainstream Studio, and Kandala Records. What she particularly concerned is about the arts and culture for a minority, and the different values of living. TPE-Tics is her first feature documentary.