Scissors and the Cat

by HOU Chi-jan

The cat has disappeared in a night of torrential rain; they say if you point a pair of scissors to your doorstep and silently call the cat’s name, a mysterious force will lead your cat back. Half a world away, I silently call my cat’s name, and my memories take me across the waters of the underworld, as things I have lost in the past now stand before my eyes. As the scissors slice time open, can the cat find its way home?


Running Time: 18 mins
Year of Completion: 2018
Director: HOU Chi-jan


HOU Chi-jan

HOU’s career in film began with his first short, Stardust 15749001, which won the Grand Prize at the 2003 Taipei Film Festival. In 2005, his documentary feature Taiwan Black Movies was presented worldwide and nominated for Best Documentary at Golden Horse Awards. In 2010, HOU made his narrative feature debut, One Day, followed by When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep in 2012. His works often convey his reflection on time and memories. Ode to Time is his latest documentary feature.