Stranger in the Mountains

by LEE Li-shao

During the Chinese Civil War, part of the KMT (Chinese Nationalist) forces retreated to the Thai-Burma border region. Under international pressure, most of the troops were evacuated to Taiwan in 1961, yet some remained. In northern Thailand and in central Taiwan, the two groups shared a similar destiny while they were apart. Now that over 50 years have passed, their differences gradually emerge, and their descendants are struggling with their identity.


2018 Taiwan International Documentary Festival-Taiwan Competition
2017 Beijing Independent Film Festival


Running Time: 140 mins
Year of Completion: 2018
Director: LEE Li-shao


LEE Li-shao

LEE began shooting documentaries in 1991 and has completed more than 20 documentary features and shorts. He has received four Golden Harvest Awards, four Local Voice Film Festival awards, four official selections at Taiwan International Documentary Festival, three nominations at Taipei Film Festival as well as the Best Documentary award at Golden Horse Awards and many others abroad. In recent years, he is committed to making a trilogy about the Yunnan-Burma border area guerrillas.