Welcome Home

by HUANG Chia-chun

How do we measure a person’s worth? By his title, income, social status, or wealth? For those suffering from severe disabilities, unable to work, and even deemed a burden to society, how would they be evaluated? How do they connect with society, and how would they describe their lives?
Situated in a desolate, low-lying land in Tainan, Wujia Nursing Home often gets flooded during typhoon season. However, it’s a permanent home for a group of patients of all ages, each of whom is challenged by disabilities or diseases and carrying a heartbreaking story. We used to label them as “disadvantaged” and mark the institutions as charitable organizations. The ridiculous truth is covered up and sugarcoated with sweet fantasy, and even “doing charitable deeds” has become a lifestyle or a way to raise social status.
Welcome Home leads audiences through the closed doors, looking into the reality we never really know.


Running Time: 82 mins
Year of Completion: 2018
Director: HUANG Chia-chun


HUANG Chia-chun

HUANG Chia-chun is a Taiwanese screenwriter and director, whose work includes fiction and documentary films, TV dramas and commercials. As a keen observer of the world, he holds deep concern on social issues. His work carries warmth and conveys powerful messages that touch people’s hearts. He is always looking for stories and topics that are less discussed, trying to change the world quietly with his work.


HUANG Chia-yuan

HUANG Chia-yuan is a producer at O-Turn Film with abundant experience in film productions. From his past experience as a manager at a gas station and an engineer at a technology company, he has seen how people could become so consumed with jobs that they neglect their family and friends. After getting married, he became a film producer determined to strengthen social bonding among people through spreading touching stories.