by HSU Hui-ju

HSU took a non-traditional approach to make this documentary. She hired three real-life temporary workers to play themselves in an abandoned factory, which is both their stage and where they build a temporary home. They live on the edge in between the real and virtual world, between city and wilderness, and between family life and homelessness.
With these workers, the abandoned factory, and the signs that read "help wanted" on the walls, the film reflects the reality of the working class. They are "relics" of the modern industrialization process, cast aside to the empty, barren fringe of cities.


2017 Kaohsiung Film Festival


Running Time: 30 mins
Year of Completion: 2018
Color: Color
Director: HSU Hui-ju


HSU Hui-ju

HSU is a part-time filmmaker and a full-time mother of two children. Her works, which often deal with life and death, pierce the absurdity of life through a silent gaze and reconstruct the meaning of our suffering in the context of family or other social fields. Her films tend to carry a cold and distant tone, but they end up arriving at another kind of gentleness in one way or another.


CHI Chun-ming