Formosa 3D

by Charlie CHU

The iron casting master KUO Chang-hsi, now 74, learned the craft from his father when he was 13. Over 100 weapons in Ang LEE's film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were made by him; LI Chun-hung was a bank clerk, but he decided to quit his job and took over the family business once he realized that his parent could no longer handle the heavy work at their kiln. What drives these people to engage in traditional crafts is their belief that culture and crafts need to be passed on to future generations.
With stunning scenes ranging from the vibrant underwater world, lush terraced fields, mountain landscape, to tropical fish and butterflies; and with prominent artisans spanning oil-paper umbrella master, drum-maker, feather duster craftsman, to the tea-picking worker, Formosa 3D presents 10 fine shots of exquisite scenery and 100 traditional craftsmen to remind us the beauty of Taiwan.


Running Time: 78 mins
Year of Completion: 2018
Director: Charlie CHU


Charlie CHU

By the age of 35, Charlie CHU has made thousands of music videos. He was a star in the industry before a fist-sized brain tumor changed his life forever. His doctor said he had only six months to live. However, CHU found his hope in the midst of despair and beat the grim reaper. From then on, he vowed to use his filming skills to contribute to a better world.


HO Chih-neng