Unfinished Progress

by Showtsai LIN

Giraffe-like construction cranes are avid eaters. They forage around in the woods and fields for their feeds: the collective longing for development and prosperity. As they crane their necks longer, they make the fantasy of progress more alluring. And that is what Chung-Ming Wang steps forward to fight. Left his stable life behind, he devoted himself into local environmentalism in his hometown Tamsui(Danshui), tried to keep it distant from developmentalism that Taipei had been suffered for long. Few years later, he decided to change his way of political participation.

This documentary film depicts his third attempt to run in the City Council Election in 2014, including the difficulties and conflicts he encounters and the diverse imaginations toward progress. The film also tries to brings up an important question: do we need more edifices in our city, or we need to find a way to edify ourselves?


2017 Taipei Film Awards-Best Documentary Nomination


Running Time: 105 mins
Year of Completion: 2017
Format: Other
Color: Color
Director: Showtsai LIN


Showtsai LIN

Showtsai LIN was born into a middle-class family in Taipei. When he came to Tamsui, a small town on the edge of Taipei City, as a university student, he began to get involved in filmmaking. Inspired by the critical urban theory, he is concerned about the changing urban landscape. Unfinished Progress is his first feature-length documentary.


LIN Ting-hsuan

LIN graduate from documentary study and film archiving from Tainan National University of the Arts. She likes stories, whatever imaginary or real story, just try to understand more about the real film. And she concerned about urban transformation and the people who leave their hometown.