Condemned Practice Mode

by CHI Yueh-chun

HSU Tzu-chiang was pronounced guilty and sentenced to death in a 1995 kidnapping and murder case despite the lack of forensic evidence. After a 16-year effort by NGOs, HSU was released with a life sentence in 2016. Now out of prison, he continues the fight to prove his innocence.

Director CHI has been documenting and filming HSU’s story since 2012. The journey brought CHI face-to-face with the shortcomings of human society and inspired his investigation into why the judicial system failed HSU by presuming his guilt without any corroborating evidence.


2018 Taiwan International Documentary Festival- Taiwan Competition
2017 Golden Horse Awards- Best Documentary Nomination
2017 Taipei Film Awards- Best Documentary Nomination


Running Time: 95 mins
Year of Completion: 2018
Director: CHI Yueh-chun


CHI Yueh-chun

CHI Yueh-chun participated in various social movements as a video activist covering issues such as urban redevelopment and resettlement, urban indigenous communities, agriculture, environment, labour, independent media, as well as justice and human rights. He also took part in the development of webcasting, aiming to change broadcasting media via social activism. In recent years, he focuses on filming documentary and producing commercials and short films. He is currently planning the production of a feature film.


TSAI Tsung-lung

TSAI Tsung-lung got his first job as a journalist for the Independence Morning Post and Wealth Magazine, where the daily task was to follow the latest news. Later he joined Super TV and FTV and took charge in the in-depth report and investigation. Experiences at these two media companies were, for him, not just essential training but also a way of understanding society. Later he entered Documentary Division of PTS Taiwan, and he daringly took his leap onto the path of documentary and stayed on for more than 15 years.