The Silent Teacher

by Maso CHEN

In Taiwan, a dead body used for medical dissection is called “a silent teacher”. This film tells the story of Mrs LIN, whose body will be dissected the next year. In the dissection class, Mrs LIN, the “silent teacher” will definitely teach the medical students and her family more about the meaning of life.


2017 Hot Docs Film Festival – International Spectrum
2014 Docs Port Incheon
2013 CNEX Chinese Doc Forum - Project with Most International Potential


Running Time: 73 mins
Year of Completion: 2016
Director: Maso CHEN



Maso CHEN began his career in community development. He believes that the visual medium
is the most effective way to change the world and has now put his focus in creation of these visual works. In addition to being a cinematographer and a director, his several productions are co-worked with Wuna WU and he co-founded The Classic Vision Co., Ltd. with her.


Ging LEE

LEE graduated from Graduate Institute of Sound and Image Studies in Management, Tainan National University of the Arts. She has been studying and working in marketing for many years. And she has a good knowledge about how to plan a good arketing strategy for different projects. She experienced and learned how to integrate with various groups and resources to make impacts on audiences.