My Uncle’s TATALA

by JIANG Wei-ling

The Tao people are an indigenous group native to the outlying island of Taiwan. It is the biggest asset of the Tao people that they have learned how to be grateful, for they understand the natural environment and how to cultivate natural resources with diligent work. The Tao director recorded the making of the tatala boat in a light and simple documentary, My Uncle’s TATALA, that also carries the deepest messages of love and affection.


2016 Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan - Audience Award
2016 Pulima Art Award - Honourable Award


Running Time: 50 mins
Year of Completion: 2016
Director: JIANG Wei-ling


JIANG Wei-ling

JIANG Wei-ling (Sipnadan) was born in 1982 on Orchid Island, of Tao descent. In 2008, she participated in the "Indigenous People Audiovisual Training Programme" organised by Taiwan Indigenous Television (TITV). In 2010, she began working for TITV, promoting the news and short productions of indigenous peoples. She embarked on a grand tour around Australia in 2011 and worked for Club Med Guilin in China before returning to her village on Orchid Island in 2014 and became an independent filmmaker.