Small Talk

by HUANG Hui-chen

Small Talk is the director’s courageous portrayal of her family story, which gives the audience an inside look at a culture we might not be familiar with. This powerful documentary manages to be of universal significance and extremely intimate at the same time. – TEDDY AWARD Jury Statement

The film unfolds the difficult conversations between director HUANG Hui-chen and her butch lesbian mother, Ah-nu. Ah-nu suffers from an abusive relationship in a forced marriage. She runs off with her two little girls and launches her own funeral performance service. HUANG decides to film her mother and it took her 20 years to make this film. Together, HUANG and her mother start a journey to face the inconvenient past and walk out of the shadows.


2017 Berlin International Film Festival - Teddy Award for Best Documentary
2016 Golden Horse Awards - Best Documentary and Best Editing Nominations


Running Time: 88 mins
Year of Completion: 2016
Director: HUANG Hui-chen


HUANG Hui-chen

Prior to embarking on her first documentary, HUANG worked for Taiwanese NGOs, advocating for labour rights and social justice. It was during this time that she began documenting the plight of the disadvantaged and the voiceless. Her intimate profiles of the less fortunate and the exploited became tools used for social change.

Most recently, she served as Secretary General of Taipei Documentary Filmmakers' Union, and is currently working on her memoir to be published in 2017.


Diana Chiawen LEE

Diana Chiawen LEE is an independent documentary film producer with films in various stages of production in Taiwan, United States, and China.

Prior to producing, Diana worked for leading media arts organisations in the US, including Center for Asian American Media, Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, Women Make Movies, Arts Engine, and Asian CineVision. She splits her time between New York and Taipei.