About the Maritime Drifters

by HUNG Ya-chih

Due to the shortage of labour, the Taiwanese fishing industry has been importing Indonesian and Philippine workers since 1992. The traditional profit sharing system does not apply to these foreign workers, who are paid on a monthly basis. However, the unpredictable and unstable working condition on the sea has caused disputes such as labour and health insurance, working hours and overtime pay. With the Labour Standards Act and the special marine working environment, how can we adjust to truly protect foreign workers’ and employers' rights and benefits?


2017 Golden Harvest Awards - Best Documentary Short Nomination
2016 Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan


Running Time: 23 mins
Year of Completion: 2016
Director: HUNG Ya-chih


HUNG Ya-chih

HUNG Ya-chih is a female director who is profoundly influenced by her Chinese Indonesian mother. Therefore, foreign spouses, foreign workers and gender are the issues she pays much attention to. This time, she would like to focus on foreign fishermen and she hopes that more and more people can take notice of the fishing industry and foreign fishermen in Taiwan.


NIEN Mei-chieh

From New Taipei City, Taiwan, NIEN Mei-chieh wants to tell more lesser-known stories hidden in the corners to make people have more compassion towards others, and to discover her own possibilities.