Inside Testimony from a Judicial Practitioner

by SHIH Yu-lun

CHENG Hsing-tse, a death row inmate, was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in 2006 for a case involving a police officer being killed at a karaoke bar in Taiwan, in 2002.

On 18 March 2016, the Prosecution filed a motion for retrial based on new scientific findings on the case, which is extremely rare in Taiwanese judicial history. On 3 May, CHENG walked out of the Taichung detention house after 14 years in prison.

Since 2002, CHENG has been subject to interrogations by t
he police, the public, and the media.
Often teasing himself as “a judicial practitioner”, CHENG presents his real testimony in this film.


Producer: SHIH Yu-lun
Total Budget (USD): 100,000
Funding in Place (USD): 20,000
Running Time: 80 mins
Year of Completion: 2018
Director: SHIH Yu-lun


SHIH Yu-lun

After graduating with a Masters of Fine Arts from Syracuse University, New York, SHIH participated in the production of Life of Pi, and collaborated with documentary film director YANG Li-chou on the production of Bridge Over Troubled Water. Since 2014, he and the Taiwan Association for Innocence have co-produced a series of documentaries on miscarriages of justice, and their first film, The Man Who Cannot Be Excluded, won Best Documentary at the Golden Harvest Awards 2016.