The Price of Democracy

by LIAO Jian-hua

The history of the Taiwanese democratisation is usually interpreted by elites from different political parties, who often neglect the real faces and lives of individuals participating in the rallies. The director, a confused twenty-something, looks back upon the 40-year history of democratisation in Taiwan through the life experiences of two veteran grassroots activists. He attempts to discover the causes of their actions and decisions to be lefties as well as their limitations.


Producer: Jewel Chen-lin LAI
Total Budget (USD): 120,000
Funding in Place (USD): 100,000
Running Time: 100 mins
Year of Completion: 2018
Language: Chinese , ,Minnan Language
Subtitles: English , Chinese
Director: LIAO Jian-hua


LIAO Jian-hua

LIAO Jian-hua was born in Chiayi, Taiwan. His first feature-length documentary The Last Insurrection was shortlisted in the Taiwanese Competition of Taiwan International Documentary Festival and the Asian Competition of DMZ International Documentary Film Festival in 2016. Through in-depth interviews and research, the film re-examines the Taiwan Independent Association Incident in 1991.


Jewel Chen-lin LAI

Jewel Chen-lin LAI received her Master in Film and Screen Study from Goldsmiths College, University of London.
She has organised two editions of the acclaimed CNEX Documentary Film Festival and founded Dot Connect Studio in 2012. She currently works as a film producer and festival programmer.