Floating Island

by HUANG Chia-chun

In 2016, Taiwanese writer LIAO Hung-chi sets off on a five-day voyage, drifting on the sea. He made a raft with plastic floating bricks and bamboo, on which he drifts 300 kilometres north, with the help of Kuroshio Current alone.

“The raft is an island itself, a floating island.”

This island offers a resting place to people. It moves, forcing people to break their self-imposed limit, and go on to live their lives. Humans, like migrating birds, are supposed to migrate to different places as the seasons change. Somehow many people stop moving without knowing. They stay on one small island and never leave.


Producer: Derrick HUANG
Total Budget (USD): 250,000
Funding in Place (USD): 100,000
Running Time: 90 mins
Year of Completion: 2017
Director: HUANG Chia-chun


HUANG Chia-chun

HUANG Chia-chun is a Taiwanese screenwriter and director, whose work includes fiction and documentary films, TV dramas and commercials. As a keen observer of the world, he holds deep concern on social issues. His work carries warmth and conveys powerful messages that touch people’s hearts. He is always looking for stories and topics that are less discussed, trying to change the world quietly with his work.


Derrick HUANG

Derrick HUANG has extensive experience in producing TV dramas, documentary films and commercials. His work focuses on stories related to the Taiwanese society and culture.