He Had Become an Island

by Pinti ZHENG

He Had Become An Island is a documentary film about Ken, who travelled around the perimeter of Taiwan on foot advocating anti-nuclear ideas before drowning in the sea of his hometown Tainan.

Filmed from the viewpoint of Ken's travel diary, this film records how young people face the injustice around them and how they return to the land to learn from nature. In fleeting scenery, they reflect on the essence of life.


2016 CNEX Chinese Doc Forum


Producer: LIU Chia-hsin
Total Budget (USD): 120,000
Funding in Place (USD): 20,000
Running Time: 70 mins
Year of Completion: 2018
Director: Pinti ZHENG



Pinti ZHENG was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1987 and graduated from the Department of Architecture at Shih Chien University. Most of her recent work uses documentary images as the medium of expression. Developing from personal life experiences, her work explores individual and collective consciousness and how they are connected to the surrounding environment, while teasing out instinctive, primitive sensations and rediscovering ritual transformations.


LIU Chia-hsin

LIU Chia-hsin received her MFA in Film Production from National Taiwan University of Arts and works extensively in documentary and dramatic genres. The films she makes are a mixture of fiction and collected stories. Her previous fictional short film Fan Fan was screened and awarded Best Short Film and Audience Award at various international film festivals. As a director/producer, LIU is currently engaged in an artistic collaboration to develop fictional feature films and documentaries.