Ballet in Tandem

by YANG Wei-hsin

Ballet in Tandem is a feature-length documentary exploring the state of ballet in Taiwan. Through on-site filmic documentation of various schools and companies, archival materials, and interviews with students and professionals alike, the filmmaker intends to piece together an often-neglected chapter of dance narrative in Taiwan. As we follow the interwoven stories of generations of dancers who have dedicated themselves to the art and craft of ballet, their joys and pathos, successes and failures, dreams and disillusions will compel us to contemplate our collective understanding of the art form and ultimately question the policy and decision-making of Taiwan’s culture and education.


Producer: YANG Wei-hsin
Total Budget (USD): 200,000
Funding in Place (USD): 100,000
Running Time: 100 mins
Year of Completion: 2017
Director: YANG Wei-hsin


YANG Wei-hsin

YANG graduated from the prestigious Columbia Film School and is an award-winning editor/director. His thesis film Passing Fancy won the 2008 Directors Guild of America's Student Film Award. Since 2009, he has edited more than a dozen projects ranging from short and feature-length narrative and documentary films, which have won numerous accolades and screened in prominent film festivals worldwide. Ballet in Tandem will be his first feature-length project as a director.