An Odyssey of Dreams

by LAI Chun-yu

64-year-old artist Michael LEU returns to Taiwan after years of successful career in America. Guided by childhood teacher CHENG Ming-chin, he comes back to his home country, where art is not as highly valued as in America. Why did he leave 30 years ago? The film chronicles the artist’s work and history of Taiwan. Through the memory of the artist, the secret is gradually revealed. What lies behind the artist’s achievement is a nightmare that haunted him and pushed him to America.


2016 Kaohsiung Film Festival


Running Time: 79 mins
Year of Completion: 2016
Director: LAI Chun-yu


LAI Chun-yu

LAI Chun-yu is the director of AYU and BeFore, for which he was nominated for several awards at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Taipei Film Festival, Golden Bell Awards, and Golden Harvest Awards. He also worked on Secret, which won him the Golden Horse Award for Best Visual Effects. His first narrative feature Campus Confidential is a fantasy comedy of love that takes place in a university.


CHANG Yi-chi

CHANG Yi-chi served as a producer for White Crane Films Ltd and Wonderful Time Film Production. She also worked as a music agent, coordinator and promoter for Taiwan Colors Music, a technical manager for Simple Life Festival, and the organiser of Taipei MRT Exit Music Festival. Her producing credit includes documentaries Super Expert and Soccer Field of Dreams.